Special Events


the meeting room


We sometimes hold special meetings either with a guest speaker or to study a non-duality teacher’s work in more depth.  If you have a favorite teacher you would like to introduce to others, do let us know.  We would ask that the topic be (broadly) non-dual in its approach.


Meet Lizzie Wright.

As Rupert Spira says: ‘We take that which is unreal to be real and that which is real to be unreal’  and teaches  ‘Give your attention to the experience of seeing rather than to the object seen and you will find yourself everywhere’  – words that would resonate well with Lizzie’s perspective.

Our spiritual journeys may or may not have had a few highlights, a few experiences of the ‘real’ to keep us committed.   Lizzie journey has been the one that her health has taken her on during which she spent eighteen months in a darkened room healing herself from a serious illness.  Whilst not searching for any sort of enlightenment the obviousness of the non-duality of life became clear and this time of deep reflection opened her intuition and healing capacity.

Today she uses her insight with those facing personal challenges and works with individuals and groups as spiritual coach.  She can tell us about her work as an energy coach, but at this event she is invited to share her story.




Three Douglas Harding days.  These have been great fun and we are grateful to Annabelle and Bill for leading them.  We were blessed on all occasions to have had a sunny summer day so that the pot-luck lunch could be enjoyed in the garden.  Neighbours could have been forgiven for thinking we were hosting a jolly summer party!

For further information about Douglas Harding’s work, call Annabelle: 01342 824188


An evening with Martyn Wilson.  As Martyn is a relative newcomer to the non-dual scene we were not sure how many people would be interested to meet him, however we ran out of chairs! It was a pleasure and fascinating to meet Martyn and his wife Maria and to hear him speak frankly about his personal experience of inner peace.

To contact Martyn direct: info@keys-to-consciousness.com


It was a great pleasure to invite Richard Sylvester here one evening.  He brought his latest book,  Confessions of a Seeker with him – which is an account of several decades spent searching for “ultimate truth” through Eastern spiritual paths and Western psychotherapeutic practices, as well as through sex, drugs and large quantities of coffee. It ranges from adventures with gurus, therapists, lamas, psychics, and amiable hippies who fear that tap water might kill them, to clear-eyed critiques of the depredations of organised religions. It also addresses more philosophical issues such as free will and the nature of consciousness.

To contact Richard direct: richardsylvester@hotmail.co.uk


Satsang with  Moni and Thomas.  Much gratitude to Moni and Thomas for visiting us (from Canada).  Moni led a beautiful peaceful evening focusing on being totally present to what is here now.  Many attended and enjoyed both the deep silence and some lively questions.



Pamela Wilson

No date is fixed yet for this event but it is in the pipeline.  We are particularly pleased to be looking forward to inviting Pamela as it was she who introduced us initially tomany of the current non-duality teacher.