All are welcome to join the weekly Wednesday meditation sitting.  Please note the earlier time during the winter months.

The door is open from 5.45 pm and we sit at 6.00 for half an hour.

This is a silent space in which you are invited to rest in your private practice whatever that may be.

For those who have no previous experience of meditation, Kate would be happy to offer some one-to-one guidance.  For an appointment please call: 07850155349

Equally you may enjoy reading Adyashanti’s beautiful little book: True Meditation.  We may have a couple of copies for sale – it includes a CD.

And for those questioning the intricacies of the non-dual approach, here Rupert Spira gives a characteristically thoughtful reply  ‘Meditation is simply to be. It is what we are, not what we do.’

Do join us on Wednesday evenings.  Please call to let us know in advance though, on 07850155349, so we can be sure to put out enough chairs. Thank you.

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