Money Matters


We are often asked about money!  We consider the meetings at Vine Cottage with like minded friends, to be apart from considerations of money.  It is such a pleasure to spend time with people on the same wave length, interested in the same topic as we are.  From our point of view we benefit hugely by everyone’s visit, it would be a nonsense to charge anything.

Considering special events with visiting non-duality teachers, we have decided that for the same reason these should also be free.  This may of course discourage some teachers whose income depends on course fees which is understandable – though we notice that a free introduction may lead to more committed course participation in the future.

If you are reading this page as a prospective guest teacher, please note that in order to reduce your expenses, we will happily collect you from the station (Cowden or East Grinstead), or the airport (Gatwick) and will offer you bed and breakfast plus supper!  We are quite happy for you to bring books or DVD’s to sell.

Regarding books, we have a nice collection of books which you are welcome to dip into  – though not borrow – and for this reason we offer Reading days by appointment.  There is no charge.


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