For news of events in Sussex and beyond, do check out the Meetup website.  You will find a whole host of interesting things to attend.  The Sussex Nonduality Group advertise the most local gatherings.

You may also like to be added to the contact’s list for emails that Rod Smith circulates regularly with news of local non-dual events.  Please contact him direct: rodsmith@rodsmith.org.uk

May we draw your attention to the excellent Non Duality Cafe which takes place on the first  Saturday of every month from 11am for two hours. Venue is variable so please contact Rod or Kate on 07850 155349 for updates.  No need to come at any specific time, just feel free to pop in and leave at any time. At these meetings there is no set agenda or focus, but we try to keep within the singularity of non-duality (advaita); we are open to whatever emerges. It would be lovely to meet you there.

Some say:  “….we are a down-to-earth and friendly bunch of people with a relaxed and light-hearted attitude to questions of ‘truth’ and ‘reality’ since we are aware that nothing that we can say, and none of our opinions, can ever really capture the essence of non-duality or of this present moment in awareness. There is no wish to impose any particular belief or approach since neither can ever be conclusive.  Please do come along and share your thoughts and understandings with us….”

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