IMG_7394When Simon and Kate bought their home Vine Cottage it was always the intention to create a quiet space in which to share satsang.  Both had been committed for many years to  ‘enquiry’ as suggested by Ramana  and so took great pleasure in sharing this exploration with other seekers.  Meetings are often small but ‘when two or three are gathered together, there am I’* – magic happens.

If you are reading this page, no doubt this will be a familiar path and one on which you too will have had many adventures.  All are warmly invited to gatherings which are free and friendly.  Like so many,  we have over the years been exploring the work of teachers such as J. Krishnamurti , Rupert Spira, Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Ram Das, Pamela Wilson – among others. It is a therefore a great joy to offer a space in which to host teachings from these wise individuals and meet like minded seekers of truth and wisdom.

Simon was always an avid reader and over the years collected a wonderful collection of books on the theme of Advaita, Buddhism, Zen …..  Latterly in addition to reading he enjoyed relaxing with drumming and Vine Cottage hosts a monthly Drumming Circle.

Kate, originally a TM teacher, remains particularly interested in meditation and now hosts weekly group meditation for all who enjoy a sharing a silent sitting.  Her other passion is gardening and her dog Bonny (who attends all meetings apart from drumming which she dislikes!).

*Matthew 18:20